About Us

About Us

We are a family run business and have been involved with property development in and around London since 1988 (Roche Properties).

Over the years we have built up a large property portfolio with allot of hard work and graft put in for hours upon end, so when it comes to that time of year when you fly away to take some much needed rest in the sunshine on the hot sands of an exotic beach we know exactly what sort of accommodation we would like ourselves.

This is where we got thinking why not have a home in each of our favourite locations around the world that we can share with friends and family. We recently opened these home up to other fellow holiday makers like yourself and decided to extend our business into holiday rentals.

All the apartments and homes we own and rent out as holiday accommodation are all new, luxurious, romantic, and fun for all ages. They are all designed to give you the best accommodation possible, whether it's relaxing in the sun on your own private solarium in Spain, on your way down from the ski slopes in Bulgaria, fishing in Ireland or having a once in a life time family experience in Orlando Florida.

We make sure all our homes are all in perfect condition and they are all decorated and furnished to a very high and extravagant standard to ensure you have the most pleasant and pleasurable holiday possible.

We Know how important your holiday is to you and your family this is why we try our upmost best to make sure you have the best 5 star accommodation possible.

No one can top our Homes!

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